Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

May 28, 2019




This is in continuation to Circular No. MAIT/CoC/13/2018 dated January 2, 2018.  The following Grievance Redressal Committee is being re-constituted in the Institute:


 Dr. V. N. Mathur, HOD (MAE)  Convener 
 Dr. M. L. Sharma, HOD (IT)  Member
 Dr. Rajveer Mittal, HOD (EEE)  Member
 Dr. Namita Gupta, HOD (CSE)  Member
 Dr. Sunil Kumar, HOD (ECE)  Member
 Dr. Kusum Sharma, Professor (Applied Sciences)  Member
 Dr. Amit Gupta, HOD (MBA)  Member

 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Ramuka


 Prof. Sikha Saxena

 Psychological Counsellor

 Mr. Jaswant Singh

 Enrol. No. 01496403617, MAE

 Contact No.: 8826749400

Student Representative

 Mr. Shivam Garg

 Enrol No. 11114803918, MBA

 Contact No. : 8368576541

Student Representative

(Prof.  Neelam Sharma)