The Institute maintains Boy’s Hostel having four Blocks on campus. Hostel has over 40 single seater, 65 double seater and 7 four seater rooms. Each room is equipped with basic furniture like cot, pillow, chair, table, and cupboard, tube light and fan. Each of the hostels provides mess facilities for the residents; mess is managed under the overall supervision of hostel wardens. The common room, gymnasium and sports facilities are also available for residents. There is a provision for round the clock water and electricity facilities for the hostels. It is concerted effort of the Institute to provide a wholesome hostel facility for the residents and help them pursue their respective academic and professional goals to their best. It is a consistent endeavour of the hostel administration to follow the well-established ethos of hostel life and promote a healthy community atmosphere in the hostel. Ragging, physical violence, negative discrimination, consumption of alcoholic or narcotics substances, non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the hostel.


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Hostel (w.e.f. January 2018)

Hostel Rules and Regulations (w.e.f. January 2018)

Acts of Violation and Handling Authorities (w.e.f. January 2018)

Undertaking by the Student (w.e.f. January 2018)

Undertaking by the Parent (w.e.f. January 2018)

Undertaking by the Student - Nignt Out (w.e.f. January 2018)

Suggestion Form for the Hostel (w.e.f. January 2018)