Bachelor's Degree

B.Tech Program (1st Shift + 2nd Shift)

The B.Tech. Programs offered at MAIT follow the semester system. Each program is divided into eight semesters to be completed in a minimum of Four Years. In every semester, courses related to the branch are conducted with theory courses supplemented with practical work in each subject. In the final year four elective courses have to be taken up by the students in their field of study & interest. Apart from this every student is required to take up project work applying the skills acquired during the courses they have studied & submit the dissertation report to the institute. In-house training after the second year & In-plant training after the third year has also to be taken up for the fulfillment of the requirements for the award of B.Tech. degree.


  Computer Science and Engineering (180 seats-1st shift + 60 seats-2nd shift)

  Electronics and Communication Engineering (180 seats)

  Electrical and Electronics Engineering (180 seats)

  Information Technology (180 seats)

  Mechanical and Automation Engineering (60 seats)

  Mechanical Engineering (60 seats)

  Computer Science & Technology (60 seats)

  Information Technology and Engineering (60 seats)

  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI&ML) (60 seats)
  Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI&DS) (60 seats)




Master's Degree

MBA Program

Master of Business Administration (180 seats)

Bachelor's Degree

BBA Program

Bachelor of Business Administration (60 seats)