Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology


Applicable for B.Tech. Department/Courses


Technical Internship is an indispensable portion of the academic educational modules. Its satisfactory completion is an obligatory prerequisite for the degree to be granted by the University. Different technical internships are required in summers and/or winters as per the coursework mandates for various respective B.Tech. Departments in the College with reference to academic credits/grades. The common structure of the internship(s) requires students to attempt an immersive task inside the assigned organizations for  restricted period. The internship offers the students an opportunity to pick up hands-on experience towards technical & managerial organizational introduction using knowledge and aptitudes obtained through the coursework. They connect with experts and other parties towards upliftment of their technical skills, familiarity, and communication abilities.


The Internship aims to achieve the following for the students:

  1. Learnings as students apply their analytical, integrative, team skills in the work place
  2. Networking opportunities with people from industry/organizations
  3. Calibration of post-degree career plans based on real-life work exposure

4. Pre-placement offers where feasible/appropriate.


The Internship is mandatory. Students cannot graduate unless they complete the Internship(s) as prescribed. While the actual structure and durations of the Internship(s) will vary as per vacation schedules prescribed by University. Typically, summer internships start around May every year and the durations range between six to eight weeks. Specific courses may include two or more summer internships as per the requirements of respective regulatory bodies. In case the duration of an internship needs to be extended, it would be necessary for the student to obtain a prior written approval from the College.


  • The student applicant must be validly enrolled in a B.Tech. Course at the College.
  • The College would facilitate internship placement of its students undergoing B.Tech. Programme provided that the student has successfully completed their previous semester examinations and their conduct at the college has been satisfactory throughout the program.
  • Students with a CGPA equivalent to 6 or higher, who have no backlogs, and who have not defaulted in any way to the college will be considered for internship placements assistance. Students are required to maintain a good record of attendance in their courses, to be able to participate in internship placement (Guest Lectures/ Seminars/ Conferences/ Industry Visits etc). Those having poor attendance record may not be permitted to participate in the internship placement process.


  • The Career Development Cell (CDC) is responsible for operationalizing the Internship Placement Process. At the commencement of each academic year, CDC will constitute a Placement Committee consisting of students and CDC Head.
  • The CDC will assist in organising the internship opportunities for the students. The students are also encouraged to search for internships aligned to their specific career interests. Any such internship opportunities directly obtained by the student need to be approved by the respective department in writing before the student embarks upon the internship.
  • In line with the College’s intent to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship, the CDC will support students working on their own ventures in lieu of industry internships if these are formally approved by the Heads of the respective departments (HOD) and are conducted under respective faculty mentors.
  • Any engagement involving freelancing, work from home etc if not approved by the respective HOD will not be accepted as valid internships.
  • All students who are eligible and are required to undergo internships must fill an Internship registration form.
  • Students must complete the minimum duration of internship as specified in the curriculum.
  • The students must complete the requisite paperwork, including project reports, presentations in the prescribed formats (if any), and obtain the completion certificates from the sponsoring organizations adhering to minimum specified duration of internship.


The students act as unofficial spokespersons and help in building the image of the College. The internships are unique opportunities for the students to receive pre-placement offers from reputed organizations of their chosen fields. They also represent occasions for the students to showcase the quality and the calibre of the College. Therefore, the students must take their internships with due seriousness and execute them diligently and demonstrate maturity and responsibility.  


During the internship, the reporting officers within the industry organizations assign specific projects to the student interns. Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor from the respective department depending on the project domain and the type of organization. The projects will be performed under the direct supervision of the Reporting manager and will receive guidance from the faculty mentor.  

(Prof. Neelam Sharma)