I welcome the future Technocrats and Managers who will finally become responsible citizens of the Nation. I would like to stress on the Institute Vision statement which is engendering high academic ambience, emphasizing on technological competence and inculcating spiritual values.

MAIT focuses on the National and International Industrial needs and also encourages students to work hard in this direction to provide technical solutions. The Mission of the organization   is life - long learning, liberalization ,globalization and on producing entrepreneurs of high caliber.

The Vision and Mission of the Institute is based on hard work and sincerity . It also strongly emphasizes on team work and high level of responsibility.

We motivate students to excel in all spheres of Technical and Management education. We encourage   our students to provide real life solutions and to apply the knowledge acquired in a focused manner.

I wish all a successful life ahead.

 Maharaja Agrasen  Technical  Education Society