Problem Statement : Identification of Vacant land for Industrial use

Solution :

Land is an important factor for setting up of industrial units. Most of the existing and prospective entrepreneurs are facing problems in identifying the vacant lands offered by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), which can be put in use for industrial purposes. So, to address this issue our Team, Ode_to_Code developed a mobile application that displays and locates the existing vacant lands offered by the Government agencies. The application contains various features such as user authentication, search by state, filters on the area and cost, user’s list of favourite lands, nearby resources and industries along with a recommendation system. The server is deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Services) ec2 which provides 8Gb SSD and 1Gb RAM, and the static files are uploaded to the S3 service provided by AWS itself. The backend services are provided by using nodeJs as the language and ExpressJs as the framework. The database was maintained on mysql. The Authentic Admin Panel is created for verifying entries of lands in the database along with their images, with the option of selecting it as a cover picture or not. Multiple images can be selected in a one go. The images are uploaded to S3 and a shareable link is provided by S3 which is saved in the database with the corresponding land. Various Restful APIs are created for each service call which the application user calls to fetch and display the data. The user authentication was done by the help of firebase, which supports authentication using passwords, phone numbers, popular federated identity providers like Google, Facebook and Twitter, and more. Once authenticated, users are provided with a feature to search the lands in a specific state as chosen by them which provides mobility in the searching option. Along with it, two filters on the available data are also available to the user. These filters allow users to shortlist the lands as per the area (in acres) and cost (in lakhs) specified by them. User can also mark any land as favourite in order to add it in its favourite list which provides him a faster access to it, the next time he looks for the same land. This application also displays the resources like hospital, mines, fire station, water body, etc. around a particular land under a specified radius, on the map, by fetching the data from the Google API. Nearby industries are also identified and displayed using the handpicked dataset containing the latitude and longitude of the different industries all around the India. Machine Learning is also incorporated in this application by developing a recommendation system which uses the concept of collaborative filtering to suggest or recommend five industries that are suitable to set up in a particular location and three industries that should be avoided in that location. This system takes the fetched nearby resources as inputs and based on the relation between these resources decides the list of favourable and unfavourable industries. Moreover, the user interface is very attractive, consistent and responsive.

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