Problem Statement : Ayurveda Pharma-Covigilance Portal (Web & App)


Though for centuries ASU drugs are considered as safe and innocuous drugs, this perception is likely to change in the light of some recent occurrence of incidences of ADR during their use. This along with increased wide spread use of both at national and international levels has increased interaction of these drugs with diverse genomic profiles. The purpose of the programme is to collect and collate data, analyze it and use the inferences to recommend informed regulatory interventions, besides communicating risks to healthcare professionals and the public. At present, it is cumbersome to convey information obtained from primary centers to secondary and then tertiary centers. We proposed android application and web portal in the name of ‘CHIRAYU’ to automate the process of collection of ADR Data, tracking of ADR forms, monitoring ADR reports and overcoming problems by giving solution for all levels working under NPP-ASU. The solution would be designed in multilevel architecture and multilevel user management would be provided to maintain security. The modules provided for each level namely PPC, RPC and NPRC will be provided on the basis of user rights. The web portal will be developed keeping in mind that the process of monitoring adverse effects MIS Reports of ASU drugs will be easy and user friendly. The android application will be developed keeping in mind that the coordinator, sub-coordinator, general public, etc. have proper track of movement of ADR form at respective centers.

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