Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

Department of Management, MBA

Report on

 Webinar, 20th April,2021


‘Renewable Energy through the Lens of Entrepreneurship’

Speaker: Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal, Alumni IIM Ahmedabad

Founder, MD and CEO, Amplus Solar

The Department of Management, MBA, MAIT organized a webinar on 20th April,2021 on the topic ‘Renewable energy through the lens of entrepreneurship’. The speaker ,Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal who is an alumni of prestigious institute, IIM Ahmedabad and also the MD and CEO of Amplus solar motivated students of our department through his experiences and journey of his entrepreneurial life.

The program started at 11.00am on online mode at MSTeam. It was attended by First year and second year MBA students with faculty of department. The second semester students Madhvi Arora and Gurleen introduced the whole schedule of the webinar. The welcome speech was given by Director, MAIT, Prof (Dr.) Neelam Sharma. It was followed by the inspirational and motivational speech by the speaker of the event, Mr Sanjeev Aggarwal.

He emphasised that the whole world has become so complex and how we should try to cope with it and used the term like VAUC, i.e.  volatile, Ambiguous, Uncertain and complexity. He made the things clear to students that they must choose what fascinates them more and to focus in their specific objectives. He tried to explain with the help of the ppts. Following are the few takeaways from his ppt:

1.Develop core competence

2.Focus on end objectives

3.Keep your expectations low

4.Say NO more often and have patience

5.Be an investor and not stock broker.

 Later on, he spoke on his own startup, Amplus solar. After his speech, he gave all answers of all query raised by the students mainly regarding the challenges that are likely to be faced by all entrepreneurs.

The vote of thanks was given by HoD, Dr. Amit Gupta,MBA,MAIT.

The students and faculty, learnt a lot through valuable interactions during the event.


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