Techsurge and Mridang 2019

Mr. Vinay Kumar Saini, Faculty Coordinator, Techsurge and Mridang 2019, welcomed all for 3 day Techno- Cultural festival of MAIT. More than 50 colleges from Delhi NCR participated in 50+ events. Techsurge focuses on the technical aspect and incorporates numerous technical events, revealing a fun side to the cyber world. The most popular events of Techsurge are Coding Contest, Internship Fair, Ethical Hacking etc. Internship Fair was a big success. Mridang is the cultural fest and is a plethora of events ranging from a Talent Hunt to a Fashion Parade showcasing the Fashion finesse of the students. The Western Group Dance Competition Footloose was a grand success. Besides these, there were many events and activities to keep everyone entertained and make these 3 days the most memorable days of the year.

Singer Bannet Dosanjh, Winner of Rising Star Singing Competition was the celebrity and visited the campus on the 3rd day and gave a great show.


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