Greeting from All India Council for Technical Education...!!

Technical Communication Skill training software "Spoken English for Engineers and Scientists" (SEES-2020). The British Council and other institutions do not teach technical English necessary for engineering and science students and professionals.

Not only the students, even most of the faculty members had difficulty communicating technical matters properly. Honestly speaking, the professors of English do not know what to teach to engineering students, and most of the engineering professors cannot communicate well.

This software enhances your both Technical subjects as well as a communication skill. They provide a complete solution to one of the biggest problems the engineering students face--Technical communication skill.

It is the easiest Software to use for learning fluency in technical English: Students have to just select a lesson, listen to the keywords, and repeat aloud. Then listen to the associated sentences/paragraph and repeat aloud imitating the sounds as closely as possible. This will build their reading, listening, and speaking skills--pronunciation, accent and fluency simultaneously, automatically and naturally in just a few months; nothing can be easier. Additionally, the kind of general information on engineering you will learn from SEES-2020 will make you a great engineer and help you succeed in your career.

-------------------- SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD LINK AND INSTRUCTIONS ------------------

Caution: The installation file is large; download on a Windows Laptop connected to Wi-Fi.
(DO NOT download on a mobile phone; it is not a mobile App)

Instructions for installing the software (If necessary, please seek help from an IT support person, system administrator or someone who is familiar with Windows system)
Spoken English for Engineers and Scientists software:
(SEES-2020) #1 software in technical English on
- A 60-hour computer-aided intensive course to build fluency in Technical English specially designed for Science and Engineering students, teachers, lecturers and industry employees.
- Simple MWAM method - Just See, Listen and Repeat Aloud
- 10 Lessons in English for Science and 10 Lessons in English for Engineering
- Contents prepared by successful Engineers and Linguists from the USA and Europe
- 8000 Technical terms with correct American and British pronunciations and word stress
- 3000+ useful technical sentences and paragraphs with a neutral accent
- Simple UI design, Choice of slow speed or normal speed, pause and repeat any time
- 50 interesting topics for group discussions, brainstorming, innovations and projects
- Two special lessons on Technical presentations, Technical Meetings, and Job interviews.

You will be surprised that you will learn many things about engineering (in brief) that the class lectures and textbooks do not teach you because they come directly from industry experts.

Downloadable version: (download from the link below)

1) Please download the software Spoken English for Engineers and Scientists (SEES-2020) on a Windows PC.
2) Put the downloaded file on the desktop or any folder of your choice, Extract/Unzip the file.
3) Double-click on the SEES-2020.exe (red/blue icon) to launch the application and wait till the main window displays; it may take some time to load. If Windows defender or an antivirus blocks it, allow the execution; it is virus-free.
4) A licensing message box will come up with a 5-Character Key1 displayed and will ask for a licensing Key2.
5) Please note down the key1 exactly as displayed, send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or directly to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and quit the application.
6) We will generate all license Key2’s and send it back to you.
7) The next time you launch SEES-2020, please type in the Key2 (case sensitive), press ENTER and the application will be licensed and activated on your computer. If you wish you can make a desktop shortcut.
8) Read the instructions provided with the software to make the use of the software
9) It is easy! Select a lesson, listen carefully and repeat aloud exactly as you hear after each keyword and after each sentence. (Read the full instructions supplied with the ware)
10) If you have any problem with the software please feel free to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Android Apps Advanced Spoken English for Engineering Students (ASEES-2020), and Job Interview Skill Training (JIST-2020) will be available through Google Play stores sometime in December 2019.

For extra help with pronunciation, accent, phonetics, etc. please check out our Video lessons, for example

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