DATE: June 18, 2020

Session by Dr Maneesh Gupta, Psychiatrist,Psychotherapist.

About 100 faculty members and students of MAIT attended a session by Dr. Maneesh Gupta (Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist) organized by Connect USS of GGSIPU. The theme of the session was "How to overcome Depression during - Covid 19”. He emphasized on the importance of understanding symptoms and helping people with such conditions. He discussed symptoms like sad feeling, anger, overthinking and mentioned regular exposure to negative thought can lead to depression. He emphasized that one should try to think positive and try to engage himself in positive work.

He recommended techniques to overcome depression like reading books, talking to friends, doing Yoga. He mentioned the importance of family along with consultation with a doctor in handling depression.

He answered many queries of the audience and suggested being kind to people suffering from depression and not avoid them or bully them.



Report Prepared by

Mr. V. K. Saini


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