National Seminar


Energy, Environment and Sustainability


Main area of discussion will be on energy and environment related issues, promotion and sharing of best practices in energy conservation and energy studies. The topic ranges from innovative technologies and systems of both fossil and renewable energy to the economic industrial and domestic use of energy with no or minor impact on the environment. It is also concerned with the current problems of modelling and forecasting, conservation strategies, and the environmental, social and economic impacts of energy policies and usage, including climate change mitigation and other environmental pollution reduction.

The content of seminar includes fundamentals of effective development and operation of energy systems based on modern technology. It covers a wide variety of topics to be picked up and provide an excellent opportunity to look into the up-to-date developments in the allied fields. Participants may get ideas for developing their own future research topics from the developments in the allied areas.


National Seminar on Energy, Environment and Sustainability Brochure