Academic Audit Proforma for Academic Session 2023-24



1. ANNEX-B(b)-Programme-wise list of faculty

2. ANNEX-B(c)-(i)-Programme-wise Time Table-Odd Semester 2022-23
3. ANNEX-B(c)-(ii)-Programme-wise Time Table-Even Semester 2022-23

5. ANNEX-2(b)-List of faculty
6. ANNEX-3(a)-List of Faculty with Ph. D.
7. ANNEX-3-(b to d)-No. of Publications in Journals
8. ANNEX-3-(e)-No. of Publications in Confrences
9. ANNEX-3-(f)-No. of Books-Edited Books-Book Chapters Published
10. ANNEX-3-(g)-CoursesTeaching plan
11. ANNEX-3-(h)-No. of courses on LMS
12. ANNEX-3-(i)-Classrooms available and ICT facilities
13. ANNEX-4 (a) Documentary Evidence of awards etc
14. ANNEX-4 (b) Documentary evidence of mechanism for grant of study leave
15. ANNEX-4 (c) Documentary evidence of grant of funds to attend conferences, FDP, Etc.
16. ANNEX-4 (d-e) Individual computing facilities + Internet facilities
17. ANNEX-5 (a-g) Framework for Students' Grievance Redressal Mechanism
18. ANNEX-6 (a)-(b) Institutional Support for University Examinations
19. ANNEX-7 (a-b) Status of Library
20. ANNEX-8-(a)-Status of Laoratories other than Computer Labs
21. ANNEX-8-(b)-Status of Computer Labs
22. ANNEX-9 (a) Organized Confrences
23. ANNEX-9 (b-f) Organized Seminars, FDP,MDP,Workshops, Short Term prog, Webinars
24. ANNEX-10 (a)-Publication of Journal
25. ANNEX-10 (b)-Publication of Newsletters and Magazines
26. ANNEX-11(a)- Activities like mock interview, role play etc.
27. ANNEX-11(b)- Personality Development Labs etc.
28. ANNEX-11(c)- Sports facilities in the Institutions
29. ANNEX-12 (a) Status of Placement-B.Tech.
30. ANNEX-12 (b) Status of Placement-MBA
31. ANNEX-13 General Parameters about the Institution
32. ANNEX 14-(a)(i)-Faculty Feedback
32.a. ANNEX-14 (a)(ii)-Employers Feedback
33. ANNEX 14-(b)(i) Students Feedback
34. ANNEX 14-(b)(ii) Alumni Feedback
35. ANNEX 15 Deficiencies & Removal of Deficiencies
36. ANNEX 17 Adherence of Time Schedule