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Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Sec-16-C, Dwarka, Delhi-110078


Date Sheet for Mid-Term Examination for B. Tech. (Even Semesters), May 2023



Date & Day

10:00 - 11:30 AM

12:30 - 02:00 PM

10:00 - 11:30 AM

12:30 - 02:00 PM

Semester II

Semester IV

Semester VI

Semester VIII



ES-102 Programming in C

BS-104 Applied Chemistry


BS-202 Probability, Statistics and Linear Programming (All Branches)

AIDS/AIML-202 Object Oriented Programming

ETCS-302 Compiler Design ( IT/CSE/ CST/ITE)

ETME-302 Machine Design-II (ME)

ETAT-302 Machine Design (MAE)

ETEC-306 Digital Signal Processing (ECE/EEE/ICE)

ETHS-402 Human Values and Professional Ethics-II (All Branches)



BS-106 Applied Physics – II


CIC-206   Theory of Computation (CSE/IT/ CST/ ITE)

EEC-206 Network Analysis and Synthesis (ECE/ EEE/EE)

MEC-206   Manufacturing Science and Technology-II ( ME/MAE)

AIDS/AIML-204 Database Management Systems

ETEE-302 Power System-II (EEE)

ETME-304 Metal Cutting & Tool Design (ME)

ETCS-306 Computer Networks (CSE/CST)

ETEC-310 Data Communication & Network (ECE/ IT/ MAE/ ITE)

ETIT-402 Mobile Computing(CSE/IT)

ETEC-404 Satellite Communication (ECE)

ETEE-404 Neuro Fuzzy Systems (EEE)

ETME-402 Engineering System Modelling and Simulation (ME/MAE)



ES-108 Electrical Science

BS-110 Environmental Studies

EEC-208 Circuits and Systems (CSE/IT/ CST/ ITE)

ECC-210 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (ECE)

EEC-210 Electrical Machines-II ( EEE)

MEC-208 Material Science and Metallurgy (ME/MAE)

AIDS 206/AIML 206/IOT 206

Software Engineering

ETCS-304 Operating System (CSE/IT/CST/ITE)

ETEC-308 VLSI Design (ECE/EEE)

ETME-308 Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (MAE/ME)

ETCS-402 Machine Learning (CSE)

ETEC-406 Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (IT/ECE)

ETEE-406 Power System Operation & Control (EEE)

ETME-404 Statistical Quality Control and Reliability (ME)

ETMT-402 Robotics (MAE)



BS-112 Applied Mathematics – II



CIC-210 Database Management Systems (CSE/IT/ CST/ ITE)

ECC-212 Digital Communications (ECE)

EEC-212 Power Systems-I ( EEE/EE)

MEC-210 Thermal Engineering-II (ME)

MAC-210 Database Management Systems (MAE)

AIDS/AIML- 208 Computer Networks and Internet Protocol

ETEC-302 Microwave Engineering (ECE)

ETME-306 Fluid System (ME)

ETEE-310 Microprocessor & Micro Controller (IT/CSE/CST/ITE/EEE/EE/MAE)




ETIT-410 Soft Computing (CSE/IT)

ETIT-402 Mobile Computing (ECE)

ETEE-416 Electrical Energy Conservation (EEE)

ETME426   Total Quality Management (MAE)

ETME-412 Rapid prototyping (ME)



ES-114 Engineering Mechanics

CIC-212 Programming in Java (CSE/IT/ CST/ ITE)

ECC-214 Analog Electronics-II (ECE)

ECC-218 Electronics-II ( EEE)

MEC-212 Machine Design-I (ME)

MAC-212 Thermodynamics and Applications (MAE)

AIDS/AIML-210) Fundamentals of Machine Learning

ETCT-306 Internet of Things (CST)

ETIE-308 Information Retrieval System (ITE)

ETEE-304 Utilization of   Electrical Energy & Electric Traction (EEE)

ETEC-304 Information Theory & Coding (ECE)

ETAT-304 Automobile Engineering (MAE)

ETCS-308 Web Engineering (IT/CSE)

ETME-312 Metrology (ME)


ETCS-424 Principles of Programming Languages (CSE)

ETEC-428 Next Generation Networks (ECE)

ETIT428 E-Commerce and M-Commerce (IT)

ETEE-432 Electrical Power Quality (EEE)

ETTE-424 Supply Chain Management-Planning (MAE/ME)



Time : 10:00 - 11:30 AM

HS-114 Communications Skills

HS-116 Indian Constitution


Time : 10:00 - 11:30 AM


ECC-216 Electromagnetic Field Theory (ECE)

AIDS/AIML-212 Computational Methods

Time : 12:30 - 02:00 PM


HS-204 Technical Writing (All Branches)

ETAT-306 Operations Research (MAE)

ETCS-310 Artificial Intelligence (IT/ CSE/CST)

ETCS-312 Artificial Intelligence (ITE)

ETEE-312 Power Station Practice (EEE)

ETMS-310 Organization Behaviour (ME)

ETEC-314 Antenna & Wave Propagation (ECE)


Time : 12:30 - 02:00 PM


HS-118 Human Values and Ethics



  1. Scientific Calculator is allowed. Books, any other Printed/Handwritten/Course Material, Bags, Mobile Phones, Programmable Calculators & Other Electronic Gadgets etc. are not permitted inside the Examination Centre. If any candidate is found with any such material (s) he/she may be booked under unfair means case.
  2. AIDS 214/AIML 214/IOT 214) Effective Technical Writing – Marks to be given based on Assignment/Presentation/Quizzes etc.
  3. AIDS 216/AIML 216/IOT 216) Emerging Trends in Technological Industries – Marks to be given based on Assignment/Presentation/Quizzes etc.