Certificate Program on Entrepreneurship and Leadership

(Special Lecture Series for 1st Semester students by eminent speakers and will continue in 2nd semester also)


The Online Special Lecture Series (on Microsoft Teams) for all the 1st semester students admitted in the Academic Session 2020-21 will commence from January 30, 2021 and the schedule for the same is as follows:




Day for online Special Lecture Series

Timing of online Special Lecture Series


Every Saturday

(Parallel Session by Different Eminent Speakers

10:00 AM -12:00 N


10:00 AM -12:00 N


10:00 AM -12:00 N


10:00 AM -12:00 N


The above said Online Special Lecture Series (on Microsoft Teams) is being organized by Kautilya International Foundation (KIF) in association with Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi.   

Brief introduction of the Online Special Lectures

  • The proposed training program  on Leadership and Entrepreneurship has been conceived and designed after thorough deliberations among policy planners, industry stalwarts, academicians, scholars, and field practitioners to train the young Students to nurture themselves in the cubical culture of upcoming leadership requirements full of entrepreneurial ideas to successfully shoulder not only the present but also the future changes and challenges, both at the national and international levels, in all walks of life.
  • Highly tailor-made market oriented course contents and training modules are designed by nationally and internationally reputed and acclaimed top notch academicians, industry leaders, and grass-roots field practitioners on "no-profit and no-loss basis" as their social responsibility. Their prime and sharp focus will be to create a reservoir of competent human capital by raising their bars through the instrumentalities of knowledge, skills and positive and 'can-do' attitude and simultaneously observing the cardinal principles of ethics, values and morality.
  • The Trainers to deliver the course contents and training modules have the passion and expertise to pay 'individual attention with hand-holding' to mentor, monitor and motivate students through programmed-learning and innovative teaching-learning pedagogies, tools and technologies.

Objectives of the course

The course is built around a number of core objectives. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the entrepreneurial potential within themselves and others in their environment;
  • Appreciate the role of entrepreneurship within society, at the level of the organization, and in their own personal life;
  • Identify the many ways in which entrepreneurship manifests itself, including start-up contexts, corporate contexts, social contexts, public sector contexts, and others;
  • Develop an appreciation for the opportunity, how to recognize it, and how to evaluate it;
  • Appraise the nature of creating new business concepts that can be turned into sustainable business ventures;
  • Research and evaluate the personal attributes and skills that the “successful” entrepreneur.
  • Develop general management skills that are necessary to launch and operate a new venture successfully.

Teaching Pedagogy

The course would be conducted using a mix of academic and practical modules.

  • Classroom teaching would be conducted using a mix of interaction, teaching, presentations, group activities and case studies.
  • External inputs would be in the form of live projects, visiting incubators, guest lectures and interactions with industry experts.   


Contact Details:

A    For general queries regarding the Special Lecture Series

(i)   Shri Ajit Kumar Tiwari, Founder Director, KIF (9319563849)

(ii)  Dr. Aastha Bhardwaaj, Chief Executive, KIF & Course Director (8800120992)
(iii) Shri Ramesh Kumar, National Co-Convenor (7018901259)
B   For Technical Issues during Special Lecture Series
(i)   Dr. Anil Kumar, HOD, Maths Deptt. (8800129272)
(ii)  Dr. K. P. Tripathi, Assistant Prof., Physics Deptt. (9968392244)
(iii) Dr. Dilsha K. M, Assistant Prof., Chemistry Deptt. (7678192097)
(iv) Dr. Mahim Sharma, Assistant Prof., Humanities Deptt. (8800838969)