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Department of Mechanical & Automation Engineering


Mechanical Engineering has been the medium through which the single most important Socio-economic revolution known as industrial revolution had found its expression in the 19th century. The steam engine of James Watt and associated influx of mechanical devices and machines have changed the mode of life all over the world from the agrarian to the industrial. During the twilight of the industrial Revolution a number of schools and part time programmes had started at the nook and corner in the cities of Europe to train manpower in the essential aspects of Mechanical Engineering. One finds a similar scene for training Computer manpower today. Over the last century Mechanical Engineering has ushered in enormous convenience and facilities for mankind. The Automobile, the Aircraft, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, non-metals, chemicals, fertilizers, paper, petroleum, textiles, pharmaceutical and drug industries to mention a few, have created industrial civilization. Because of a higher level of instrumentation, automation and computerization of the products and processes. There has been an enormous development and refinement in manufacturing technology.
Through this course, manufacturing/production engineering, well in Mechanical Science and Engineering are being made aware of the endless opportunities opened by the application of information technology for a total integration of system spanning for perception, visualization, manufacturing, materials handling, prototype development, inventory, scheduling, product design and service to the customers. The philosophy of this course rests on the proper amalgamation of Mechanical Engineering with manufacturing and Information Technology. There is a great demand for such manpower as the industries are moving for a higher level of automation.

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