The Institute shall endeavor to incorporate the following basic missions in the teaching methodology:

Engineering Hardware-Software Symbiosis

All the laboratory experiments which are normally performed with the help of Hardware equipment, shall be backed up and boot strapped with the software experiments. Each Hardware experiment will have its Software counterpart. This symbiosis will heighten the process of deeper understanding, inquisitiveness and a flare for inquiry which are so sadly inadequate in the present system.

Life-long Learning

About 40 years ago Bill Ever it Wrote 'Engineering is not only a learned profession, it is a learning profession, one whose practitioners must become and then remain student throughout their active careers." Hence, Engineering Education is a continuum covering the entire lifetime of an Engineer. This Institute, therefore, shall inculcate the culture of life-long learning.

Liberalization and Globalization

If a society is compelled to single out one determinant of competitiveness, in the area of global technology-based-economy, one has no option but to choose Engineering Education for in the end people are the ultimate assets in the global competition. This Institute shall impart education for global competitiveness.


The system of Engineering Education at the undergraduate level draws the attributes like - large, growing, varied, changing, demanding and diverse. Because of enormous growth in Engineering and Technology, diverse fields of studies have grown. These attributes seem unrelated. But at the seam stress will be laid to unify the diversities through the basic tools of analysis and synthesis. The Institute shall endeavor to create a synergy of the above attributes.

Computerization of Learning Process

As mentioned in objective no. 4, Computer shall be the central medium for the Learning Process viz. (i) Visualization of concepts and process through graphic and multimedia and multidimensional continuum (ii) Analytical details under changing parameters and environment, (iii) Tutorial Software's for a deeper understanding of the subject, (iv) Design exercises encompassing interdisciplinary knowledge, (v) Self pace learning and (vi) Hands-on experience for analysis, synthesis, simulation, trouble shooting and reliability under non-ideal, realistic and severe conditions which normally cannot be created without computers. The Institute provides seamless opportunities for the innovative learning process.


Entrepreneurship is the greatest service to the Society. The fruit of Science and Technology is harvested by the entrepreneurs and served to the Society in different baskets and packages. The prosperity of the Society is directly linked to the successful entrepreneurs. The Institute shall endeavor to nurture Engineering entrepreneurs through various direct and extension services. The students have a unique opportunity to come in contact with a number of first generation successful entrepreneurs as most of the members of the Society belong to this category.