MAIT has a hostel for boys of MAIT only. Hostel has a capacity of 186 students. Each student is accommodated either in Single, Double and Four-seater rooms. It has mess facility which is operated under the guidance of the Warden of the hostel. Also it has a large Common Room with Television and Cable Connection where the students can keep themselves abreast with the events happening around the world. Proper attention is given for the hygiene and cleanliness of the hostel, and all the residents are expected to keep their rooms neat and tidy. There are separate rooms for guests, yoga and gymnasium. Internet connection is provided in each room. A back-up generator is also provided for round the clock power supply. There is a boundary wall surrounding the hostel and round the clock security is provided.

We have also made announcements for Girls Hostel at Maharaja Agrasen Sadan, Pooth Kala, Sec-20, Rohini, Delhi